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    1. Release time:2017-10-17

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      Hangzhou CIEC Group 20th Anniversary Customers Appreciation Meeting & Metallurgical Industry Forum was Held Successfully

      13 October 2017, Hangzhou CIEC Group 20th Anniversary Customers Appreciation Meeting & Metallurgical Industry Forum was held successfully in InterContinental Hangzhou, China. Government officials, HTP Group management members and hundreds of CIEC partners and customers joined the mega event and celebrated CIEC’s 20th Birthday together.

      Metallurgical Industry Forum was held in the morning of the day. Many invited steel industry partners and bank representatives shared their valuable opinions together. Mr. Xu Xiaoqing, Chief Economist from DH Fund Management Co., Ltd, Ms. Zhang Xi, Group General Manager Assistant & Dean of Metallurgical Industry Research Institute and Mr. Wang Fengshan, Vice General Manager of Risun Group shared their unique perspectives of the market and topics covered “Forecasts of Macroeconomics and Bulk Commodities”, “Review and Forecast of Steel Industry under Policies in Force” and “Review and Forecast of Coke Market”.

      The CIEC Group 20th Anniversary Customers Appreciation Meeting was held in the afternoon of the same day, which consisted of 3 parts including “Initiative”, “Achievement & Gratitude” and “Expectation”. Government officials Mr. Dai Jianping, Mr. Feng Wei, Mr. Ying Lidan, HTP Group management members Mr. Zheng Bin, Mr. Yan Jianhua, Mr. Nie Zhonghai, Mr. Li Shijie, Mr. Yang Yongming, Mr. Wang Zhenfeng and Mr. Ye Zhong together with steel industry partners, bank representatives and CIEC Group management members joined the Appreciation Meeting.

      Mr. Dai Jianping, Executive Vice-Mayor of Hangzhou mentioned in his speech that CIEC Group had achieved a remarkable success after 20 years’ development by utilizing own resources, focusing on ferrous supply chain services and expanding worldwide networks. Mr. Dai also said CIEC Group has paid total RMB 870 million taxes from January to August 2017 and has become the representative of physical commodities industry of Hangzhou as well as the model of Zhejiang traditional industry transformation and upgrading.

      Mr. Jiang Yuanqing, Vice President of Hangzhou CIEC Group reviewed past 20 years’ history and highly appreciated the supports from all partners, customers and government over past two decades. Mr. Jiang said “Over past 2 decades, we never forget our initiatives of setting up this company and never think about giving up. Secondly, we focus on developing our own business philosophy, core values and business pattern. Thirdly, we keep on figuring out our own style of operating business and making quick response to fast-changing market. At the same time, we try to maintain a straightforward and self-disciplined company culture in CIEC.”

      Afterwards, steel industry partners and bank representatives reviewed the long-term cooperation with CIEC Group. Mr. Lou Weizhong, President of Citic Bank Hangzhou Branch, Mr. Zhang Peng, Vice General Manager of Benxi Steel Group Co., Ltd, Mr. Wang Yong, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and Executive Vice President of China Construction Bank Zhejing Branch, Mr. Zhang Sanjian, Secretary of CPC Committee and President of Angang Group International Trade Corporation Ltd, Mr. Wu Yanhui, Vice General Manager of Fushun New Steel Co., Ltd, Mr. Pierre-Joseph Costa, Regional Head for Asia Pacific Commodity Corporate Coverage of BNP Paribas expressed their best wishes to have sustainable partnership in the coming future.

      CIEC Group staff representatives Ms. Chen Xinyi and Ms. Bian Yina from International Trade Department took this chance to thank company for providing the excellent career platform.

      CIEC Group Executive Vice General Manager Mr. Yuan Wenjiong appreciated the supports and kindness from HTP Group in his speech, as well as President Mr. Nie Zhonghai and all the other partners and friends. Mr. Yuan said “CIEC has own core values and business philosophy, and it focus on physical commodities business. Besides, CIEC aims to serve customers better and help solve problems. “

      CIEC Group Vice General Manager Mr. Wu Xiaowei reviewed Group’s Finance development over past 20 years and appreciated the long-term supports from bank partners.

      Mr. Lu Yonghong, General Manager of Hangzhou CIEC Group, made a speech of “Past, Present and Future”. Mr. Lu said “After 20 years development, CIEC has now become the company focusing on metallurgical industry. This year from January to September, CIEC physical commodities sales volume achieved 3978MT with total sales revenue of RMB 65.8 billion, paid taxes of RMB 904 million. By the end of this year, company is expecting to achieve RMB 90 billion sales revenue.” Mr. Lu continued to say “CIEC’s product range will cover the entire metallurgical industry with worldwide networks, at same time, CIEC will continuously provide one-stop value-added services to customers by improving its capacities in 4 areas, including physical commodities trading skill, industry chain serving capability, data analysis and comprehensive risk-control abilities. Besides, in the coming 3-5 years, CIEC’s sales revenue would achieve RMB 100 to 150 billion and become the public-owned company.”

      Mr. Zheng Bin, Secretary of CPC Committee and President of HTP Group confirmed the remarkable achievement of CIEC Group. He said CIEC is one of the important holding companies of HTP Group, and he mentioned his expectations: 1. be a customer demand oriented enterprise; 2. be a resources integrator; 3. be a value creator; 4. be an industry leader.

      20 years, it has been such an unforgettable experience for Hangzhou CIEC Group growing from 7 people to over 700 persons. All the CIEC colleagues expect to see a glorious future for next more decades.